Social Media is buzzing: “What’s your style?” Dare to flaunt it?

It’s another end of the year coming.

Everybody is getting ready for the Yuletide. And especially, the New Year.

Little wonder the social buzz in the last few days, hashtag What’s Your Style? #Whatsyourstyle

#Whatsyourstyle has generated more than 37,000 posts on Instagram. While Twitter is also not doing bad.

But, what’s it with festivities and styles?

Can you believe that these fashion styles are more than 30 years old?

80s Off Shoulder dresses

80s Off Shoulder dresses (Source:

And these make-up & hairstyles…

80s Make up and Hairstyle

80s Make-up and Hairstyle (Source:

Don’t they look same as today’s styles?

Hence the questions: Do new styles come up? Or styles get recycled? Or evolve?

These and many questions are what we ask at ExhibitorsLive for you to comment on and join the conversation.

What’s your style? Flaunt it. Own it.

Share YOUR STYLES on major social media. Be it Casual, Office or Occasional styles.

Then, tag us @Exhibitorslive #Whatsyourstyle and let’s celebrate you…

Happy festivities!!!

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