How to make money from Various job offers, direct and indirect, full time, part time and other options

There are many options and avenues for making money or earning a living through

These ranges from direct/indirect to full time, part-time and freelance jobs as thus:

Direct Vacancies

Sometimes, we have vacant positions to be filled up by qualified applicants in various capacities and departments ranging from sales & marketing to media, administration, finance/account and technical.

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Direct Freelancers

  • We pay commission on exhibitors’ listings you bring:

Is an exhibition/trade fair holding close to you? Can you talk some of the exhibitors into listing with us? Then, you sure can make money! As simple as that.

  • We pay for coverage and reporting an exhibition/trade fair:

Do you have penchant for writing? Do you have good reporting ability (maybe you like journalism)? Do you have good camera (even if it’s your phone)? You too can make money! Yes

Indirect Vacancies

These are perhaps your front-lines of earning from especially if you want to earn as a freelancer.

  • Freelance Data Entry positions

Are you good on the computer? Can you freelance as a Data Entry person? Often times, exhibitors are too busy to personally submit their listings for an exhibition. Or to manage and update same.

To be accredited as a Certified exLive Data Agent, submit an application here.

  • Freelance Online Marketers

Are you an online marketer, companies and brands especially SMEs exhibiting at trade fairs and exhibitions need your services.

To be listed among our Reference Online Marketers, send an application.