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When it comes to exquisite fashion exhibition or haute couture, many would pick international capitals such as London, Paris, Milan or New York.

In their hearts, these cities define the trend and set the standards globally while others follow.


But times are changing.


I can’t believe what I saw at the GT Bank Fashion Weekend 2017 Runway, so many talented designers here in Nigeria.


 The designs are like straight out of Paris or London in terms of quality. The collections are amazingly creative and unique.”  


Says Chief (Mrs.) Shola Samuels, a Lawyer, entrepreneur and self proclaimed ‘fashion addict’, who confessed that for much of her adult life, she only patronized foreign designers.


She told that her daughter persuaded her to visit the GTB Fashion Weekend Runway, and witness the silent revolution in the Nigerian fashion industry.


But what she saw literally blew her mind and exceeded her expectations.

Image of Designer and Models at GT Bank Fashion Fair

Samson Ume, a Fashion and Entertainment Journalist, quips after a session of the  Masterclass.   A  slice of the  Fashion Fair,  that was  set up to build capacity amongst participants with lectures and training from experts in every key aspect of Fashion.



“From what the instructors are teaching and sharing with my people, I know Naija is on track.  In no time our sharp, aggressive, creative and commercial instincts will come to full bloom.


 Sooner or later, my people will redefine fashion business for this oyinbo folks.  We will take over with a new wave of adventurous, bold and innovative designs.”


He insisted, even as, questioned his views.


“It’s the fact, I tell you.  The GT Fair is not only exposing our home grown talents, but also teaching them the secrets of doing business on the global stage. 


Moreover, who is best qualified to facilitate such a thing about entrepreneurship if not a bank?


Talent is one thing, knowing how to put the numbers together is another.”




Believe me in no time, our nascent fashion industry will blossom!

Just like the local film industry – Nollywood is beginning to make waves across the world; the fashion sector will also make a splash.  Who knows it may even overtake New York and Paris someday!” 


He concluded in an upbeat tone.


Well, every success story has a beginning.



The applause first goes to the thousands of quiet but hardworking, unknown, creative designers across the country.

But, a salient partner in this journey to the top is the GT Bank Fashion Weekend. 


A home made, but world class platform offering the right mix of opportunities and incentives to  fashion industry stakeholders to grow and conquer new frontiers.


So what is the GT Bank Fashion Weekend all about?


According to the organizers, The GT Bank Fashion weekend is a consumer focused fashion exhibition and capacity building platform event.


The program is designed to promote enterprise and creativity within the rapidly growing fashion industry and serve as a meeting place for all stakeholders.


It brings together the most promising, talented and recognized fashion designers and retail enterprises from Nigeria and abroad.


It provides participants a platform to display their products to a large and diverse audience, which Includes consumers,   industry enthusiasts and the press.


A peep at the beginning


The debut edition in 2016 created visibility and trade opportunities for local businesses.  It facilitated learning through workshops and encouraged the adoption of  e-commerce as a sustainable avenue for driving growth.


Public response was exciting and it signaled the beginning of a great project with a brilliant future.


How it all went down in 2017

The second edition held from 11th-12th November 2017.  The program had shopping and exhibition, Runway show and a master class.

Let us recount  the events in no particular order.


Building capacity through practical training – the Masterclass

The Masterclasses offered participants a lifetime opportunity to learn from an array of experts and speakers on subjects critical to success in the world of fashion.


Putting away her microphone and photo camera for a while, singer and photographer TY Bello, engaged participants on Fashion photography.  Sharing with ideas and knowledge on “the secrets behind Iconic fashion images.”


Other speakers include:


Dannessa Myricks – Makeup Artist, Photographer and Creative Cosmetic Expert.


Sophie Hadley – Fashion Consultant and PR Expert


Gales Deacon – Fashion Designer


Shiona Turini – Fashion Editor and stylist


Amongst others.


If you ask me, I would say the two-day master class, was a super compact Fashion Design/Entrepreneurship MBA program!  


In my opinion, the knowledge shared on that platform in the spate of 48 hours, represented decades of theoretical and on the field experience gained by the speakers.  All of whom are rated amongst the best in their niche.


The Runway

What is fashion without the runway?  Incomplete, I guess.

The Runway Shows intend to celebrate the convergence of global fashion designs by featuring prominent designers from across Africa and beyond.Designers such as:


  • Lanre Da Silva (Nigeria)
  • Ituen Bassy (Nigeria)
  • Meena (Nigeria)
  • Tracy Reeves,
  • Mimi Plange amongst others.


All participants had the opportunity to display their works to an appreciative crowd.


Shop until you drop!


While for some the biggest take away from the fair was the opportunity to learn and network, for others it was simply a chance to buy at affordable prices.


Discovering new fashion talents and buying apparels at super competitive pricing that can only be found at events of that nature.


Hence, for some visitors it was a case of shop until you drop!


“I saved a ton coming for this event.  I do not have to shop again for my family at Christmas.  So glad I made it here.”


Mrs. Nkechi Okechukwu, a homemaker and mother of 4 told



How you can grow your business through GT Bank Fashion Weekend, Trade Fairs, Exhibitions and Expos.



Are you a designer or an entrepreneur involved in other aspects of fashion such as:


  • Textile
  • Clothing and apparel
  • Ready to wear footwear
  • Jewelry and accessory
  • Hair and Beauty
  • Art and Crafts


The third edition of the GT Bank Fashion Weekend is around the corner, but you don’t have to wait until then to begin promoting your business.


At, our mission is to help you maximize the benefits of participating at such program. And that begins way before the official event.


Don’t wait have to wait until the last minute.  Register with us now and take advantage of our unique and valuable services.  All designed to help you increase your profit and grow your business.


Things we can do to help your business


Here are a few of the things we can do to help you grow your business and make more money:


  1. We will include your brand in our online listing, attract customers and link them to you.


  1. Include your products in our weekly email campaigns to millions of customers across Nigeria. Including exhibitors, fashion buyers, industry enthusiasts and the press.


  1. Expose your brand/business to other participants who will be attending the fair (both local and international) and also suggest organizations you should network with.


  1. We will interview you, one on one, and showcase your products to millions of our web visitors.


  1. Reach out to millions of prospects with your existing products and new offers.


  1. We will broadcast your participation in the 2018 edition live on social media.


  1. After the Fair, we will continue to communicate with your old and new customers.


  1. Ready to consider and collaborate with you on your unique marketing ideas


So call now, let us review your products and services and highlight them on our platform.

Begin to take advantage of international platforms such as GT Bank Fashion Weekend and others to grow your business and double your profit.

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